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Were you pleasantly surprised when you first saw downtown Venice? Did you find it to be quaint, friendly, walkable and beautiful? Well, so did I. And I still do. Please help us preserve this historic downtown for generations to come. Unfortunately, city planners have recommended higher building heights for the Land Development Regulations, without regard for public feedback. A few buildings received height exceptions in the past, so now, when they should be writing tighter regulations, they want to make that height the new standard.

Bigger is always better, right?

No! If we lose our charming 1- and 2-story Florida buildings, we will become just another boring, dead city center. The open, spacious atmosphere we enjoy strolling or observing from the benches and outdoor cafes will be transformed into a congested, vertical city space. We will not just lose tourism dollars, but we will lose the vibrant, old-fashioned downtown we enjoy every day.

Join us in the fight to Save Downtown Venice!

Read the proposed Land Development Regulations here:

(See Chapter 87 Section 3)

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